2 Aug 2011

30.07.2011 - XII 'C', St.Joseph Convent HSS

                        It was a Saturday morning.  My watch was showing 9.15 am. I was rushing to St. Joseph Convent HSS  with a small wish deep in my heart, "How good it will be if i write this TNPSC exam in XII C, my class!!!"  It was after about 6 years, I was going back to my school.  Not with the school bag, but with a hall ticket & a very sweet feeling remembering my old days.  I entered the gate.
                        I saw a small crowd around a tree.  I thought, It is where the notice board will be. I was right. I was searching my number in the notice board.  My number was clearly printed, & I sensed I am the last number in Room No:6.  My dad, showed me my class XII C and told me, "Look, that is room No:6"  I couldn't believe. My heart was filled with school memories.  While climbing the stairs, I remembered the Assembly every morning. With Joy, I entered my class.
                         I saw the same Cross, Jesus hanging on it.  I thought of telling, "No more Jesus is there, He is with u & me. Yes! HE IS ALIVE"  But to whom shall i say in an exam hall???? The same black board, the same benches, the same varenda, where we used to sit and study. Specially i remembered Kamalasini. She used to scold me, teach me & make fun of me.  She was the outstanding of our class. we used to share our lunch. The fishes we shared, samosa we ate, the funs we had.. ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. really lovely days..
                         I remembered Figi.. she admires me, my talk alot. she was studying in my next class... Then, the12 stars - sometimes enjoying, sometimes fights. PISSSAV group - haha.. funny G.P.  Then Meenakshi, I gifted her the Bible.  I don know what she will be doing with that LIVING WORD today.  I remembered many others too.  Finally Benzil Regi & Keerthi.  I hope their souls will rest in peace.  I did not share Gospel to them.  But... I have a big question..  I am bad, i have time. I have friends. I have cousins. my family. I care them. what is the use of such care?? I am acting.. I am loving them with no action.. Lord... Please help me to do your will. USE ME PLEASE........ make me AVAILABLE for u Lord.. plsssssssssss.
                         I finished my exam 10 mins earlier.  I wrote "JESUS CARES YOU" on the desk & left my class room. It may be silly to write on the desk, but God may use it to touch a soul.  All my hope is in you Lord.