4 May 2011

About My God, My Father, My Friend.....

                My Lord, knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise God, for i was wonderfully made.  He gifted me a good family.  He gave me everything well & good.  Since, everything was good, i forgot my Saviour & His love, and started walking with the world.  I went a very long way, away from Him.  Finally, came a dead end to my worldly life.  I started searching for the one, who can show me the way & give me life.  I cried out. Heard a voice saying "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life." I surrendered myself. Jesus started walking with me, holding my hands along my life way.  Still He is walking with me & working on me.  Nothing is greater than His love.  He loved me & loves me, as i am... Everyday, I'm enjoying & tasting His Love.  He is my good shepherd, my father, my love, my best friend & my all..... He is mine & I am His... Love you appa


  1. Yes Ofcourse dear......No one can love us as he does.....Lovely God.......:)