7 May 2011

My Annan...

My Annan... I thank God, for such a annan, who is there to fight with me, care me, scold me, teach me, guide me & love me... When i was very little, he used to tell me stories every night, before sleep.  We used to have lot more fun, kidding my akka, finally making that smiling beauty cry... Me & my annan used to play wrestling once upon a time.  This funny game usually ends with my cry.  Within 5 to 10 mins, he'l be back near me, to make my cry, a laugh.. He is very loving & affectionate.. He is always dependent, like a child.  If he is at home, he used to call me 1000 times 'Anne, Anne, Anne...' Everything for dappa reasons.. to switch on the fan, to bring water, blah blah blah...... But, even if i get irritated, i smiles... cos i admire it & love it... For all his simple works, he calls me... My annan, has lot of fans... He is "Premlin Sir".. Weekdays, he will be very busy with his work.. Even if he speaks, he gives 'one word answers' to all questions.. But, Weekends, he speaks well.. Nice to have such a simple, smart, funny, loving & sweet annan... God Bless! Miss you annan!
                    I feel great to have such a good appa, amma, amamma, akka, arun annan & annan... God is always good to me.  He gifted me everything good.  I thank God, for He is above all of us :) :) 

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