6 May 2011

My Akka & Arun anna..

       My dear Akka & Arun anna... A perfect match. Made for each other.  The very first thing that strikes my mind when i think of my akka is her smile & laugh... In a day, she will show her teeth for 15 hrs & 1 hr she eats & 8 hrs she sleeps.. She does naughty things & smiles like a child, which is the most admirable in her.. She is very talented, smart, creative, intelligent & cute.  I contrast her.  She never fails to care us.  She is really a loving chweeet akka...
       My Arun anna... Ah?????? what can i say? I have never seen such a character.. He is God's beautiful vessel.  He never speaks unnecessarily.  He loves my naughty childish sister, alot.  Whenever i scold my sister for damn reason, my arun anna will be against me.  He silently cares us.
       I always admire this couple.  They lead a God centered life.  Thanking God for your family. God Bless! Miss u two!!!!! 

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